Al Ain Zoo

4 Hours


Al Ain Zoo is a haven for over 4,000 animals, offering unique experiences like up-close encounters with giraffes, camel rides, and the charming Elezba petting zoo. As the region’s largest and most highly regarded wildlife sanctuary, the zoo is known for its spacious, well-maintained enclosures.

Visitors can marvel at both indigenous and exotic species, from the majestic Arabian oryx and big-horned Barbary sheep to the mighty rhinos, playful hippos, and the king of the jungle, lions. Al Ain Zoo takes pride in its esteemed conservation and breeding programs, dedicated to safeguarding rare wildlife from the brink of extinction. Don’t miss the captivating walk-through lemur encounter.


  • Breathtaking Animal Diversity
  • Unique Animal Experiences:
  • Conservation and Breeding Excellence
  • Immersive Encounters

Important things to know before your visit

Wear respectful clothing.

  • Enjoy watching a variety of animals and birds and get to know it.
  • Enjoy the experience of feeding animals with the experts, like the lovely giraffe feeding.
  • Enjoy the diversity of our restaurants with lots of food and drinks.
  • pre order your photo or videography for professional purposes within the services and benefits we provide.
  • rent a bike.
  • Help informing security when noticing and suspicious activities.
  • participate in the deferent activities organized and hosted by the zoo for scientific, educational and awareness purposes.
  • Brining animals to the zoo.
  • Feeding animals without supervision.
  • annoying animals is prohibited, remember; this is their home!
  • jump over the the safety area.
  • bringing any kind of food to the zoo.
  • taking photos and videos for commercial purposes without permission.
  • brining toys and entertainment tools like RC cars, skateboards, bikes, scooters, skates, balls, musical instruments.
  • participating in any activity that might Impedes the work of the zoo staff.
  • organizing un-official events, speeches and using any flag, signage or trademarks for marketing or sedition purposes.
  • Guns, and everything related to it such as fireworks.
  • brining balloons, small plastic objects or lollipops, for animal safety.
  • distribution of either printer or voice material.
  • selling products and/or services or offering them.


Are there special animal encounters or experiences available, and do they require separate fees?

Yes, there are special experiences like giraffe feeding, camel rides, and encounters with specific animals. Some of these may have additional fees, so be sure to inquire about these options and their costs upon your visit.

Is Al Ain Zoo wheelchair accessible, and are there accommodations for visitors with disabilities?

l Ain Zoo is committed to accessibility and provides facilities for visitors with disabilities. Please visit the zoo’s website or contact them directly to learn more about the available accommodations.

What conservation and educational initiatives does Al Ain Zoo support?

Al Ain Zoo is involved in several conservation and breeding programs. To learn more about their initiatives and how you can contribute or get involved, check their website or inquire during your visit.

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