AYA Universe

4 Hours


AYA Universe spans 40,000 square feet, housing 12 distinct zones: Aurora, The Source, Drift, Outland, the Pool, the River, the Falls, Celestia, Flora, Tides, Luna, and Harmonia. Each zone offers a captivating and immersive experience, whisking you away to unique worlds.

At Aurora, your gestures bring vibrant artworks to life. The Source beckons with its mesmerizing LED pools. Drift invites you to wander through lush green landscapes, while The Pool lets you peacefully traverse its river.

Outland introduces you to intriguing characters, Cosmos lets you stargaze, and Flora enchants with its bioluminescent garden. Tides, a mirrored marvel, boasts LED totems and a central monolith. Harmonia, the grand finale, mesmerizes with a 3-minute robotic light show in an infinite mirrored space.


  • AYA Universe features 12 distinct zones, each a world of its own, offering immersive experiences that transport you to different realms.
  • At Aurora, your movements create vibrant and interactive artworks, adding a touch of magic to your visit.
  • The Source showcases a stunning display of colorful LED pools that will leave you mesmerized with their ever-changing hues.
  • Harmonia, the grand finale, presents a 3-minute robotic light show in a mirrored infinity space, leaving visitors in awe of its mesmerizing spectacle.


  • Entry or admission fee


  • Food & drinks

Important things to know before your visit


Convenient Public Transportation Amenities: Parking, Wheelchair Accessibility, Pram/Stroller Accessibility, Restroom, Complimentary WiFi, Prayer Room

Please be aware that our experience may not be suitable for guests who are sensitive to rapid light changes, loud sounds, or enclosed spaces.

Wheelchair Accessible, Guests with special abilities enjoy free admission.

Kindly refrain from using flash photography, and please do not bring outside food or beverages, with the exception of sealed drinking water.


Is AYA Universe accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, AYA Universe is wheelchair-accessible, and we have accommodations for guests with disabilities. Please visit our website or contact us directly for more details on accessibility features.

How can I get to AYA Universe using public transportation?

AYA Universe is conveniently located near public transportation options. For specific directions and nearby transit details, please check our website or contact us for assistance.

Are there age restrictions for certain experiences at AYA Universe?

While many of our attractions are suitable for all ages, some may have height or age restrictions. Please review the details of each zone on our website for specific information regarding age and height requirements.

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