Dhow Cruise Creek (Old City Views)

2 Hours


The Dhow Cruise Dinner on Dubai Creek offers a unique and enchanting dining experience in the heart of Dubai’s Old City.

The Dhow Cruise Dinner typically lasts for around two to three hours, allowing guests to leisurely enjoy their meal, the entertainment, and the scenic views.

The Dhow Cruise Dinner on Dubai Creek offers a delightful combination of cultural immersion, scenic beauty, entertainment, and fine dining. It provides a unique opportunity to explore Dubai’s rich history while enjoying a memorable evening on the water.


  • Sail through history, embracing the charm of old Dubai.
  • Experience tranquility amidst the historic waters of Dubai Creek.
  • Immerse in rich Arabic culture and architecture on your journey.
  • Capture the beauty of romantic sunsets against Old City Views.


  • Pickup from anywhere in Dubai
  • Two Hours Cruising in Dubai Creek Canal
  • International Buffet Dinner (veg and non veg)
  • Tea, Coffee, Soft Drinks and water
  • Toilet Facility for Men and Women
  • Air Conditioned Lower Deck
  • Puppet Show
  • Tanora Dance
  • Horse Dance

Important Details

Please ensure that you have a valid ID proof or passport with you during this activity, as it is necessary for verification purposes. Transfers (if chosen) for this activity are available from specific areas.
For the safety and well-being of all participants, kindly note that pregnant individuals, those with heart conditions, and individuals with other sensitive medical conditions will not be allowed to participate in this activity. We kindly request that parents or guardians take full responsibility for and supervise any children participating in the excursions.
To maintain a comfortable and secure environment for everyone, smoking and alcohol consumption, as well as the possession of such substances, are strictly prohibited in all vehicles throughout the duration of this activity.
The event of unforeseen weather conditions, government-imposed restrictions, or similar circumstances, the supplier reserves the right to cancel or modify the activity. Rest assured, you will be promptly notified in advance if any changes occur.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek, and what makes it unique with Old City Views?

A Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek is a traditional boat tour that takes you along the historic waterway of Dubai. The unique aspect of this cruise is the opportunity to admire the picturesque views of the old city while enjoying a leisurely ride on a traditional wooden dhow.

What are the key attractions or landmarks visible during the Dhow Cruise with Old City Views?

The Dhow Cruise offers a view of several landmarks, including the Al Fahidi Historic Neighborhood, traditional wind towers, Heritage Village, and the stunning architecture along the Creek’s banks.

Is the Dhow Cruise suitable for all ages, and are there any age restrictions?

The Dhow Cruise is generally suitable for all ages. There are no strict age restrictions, and families with children are welcome. However, it’s advisable to check with the tour operator for any specific requirements or restrictions.

What does the Dhow Cruise package typically include, and how long does it last?

Dhow Cruise packages often include a welcome drink, a buffet dinner with a variety of cuisines, live entertainment, and Old City Views. The duration of the cruise usually ranges from two to three hours.

Is advance booking necessary for a Dhow Cruise, and how do I secure a reservation?

Advance booking is recommended, especially during peak tourist seasons. You can secure a reservation by contacting a reputable tour operator, booking online, or through your hotel’s concierge service. It’s wise to book in advance to ensure availability for your preferred date and time.


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